Gran Canaria 20.9.2013

I think it is about time that i re-started my english blog, so here it goes.

Living on Gran Canaria has its ups and downs and we have lived through quite a lot of them.  One of the negative things is that you are so far away from family and friends.    With our son living in Todmorden and us here it is quite difficult at times to lend a helping hand when it is needed althou we do try our hardest.  I have spent a lot of time the last few years flying back and forth to England to look after the kids during holidays and trying to be there birthdays and christmas. Yes i have enjoyed it as i do miss the little buggers when i dont see them, but after a few weeks of constant Nana here Nana there im always glad to get back home to the peace and quiet and of course the warm weather.

I have made some very dear friends in Todmorden, and now that our son has got married and is moving, i will miss the daily catch ups with Stacey and Karen when i am in england.  These two ladies are amazing.  Always ready to lend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on if needed.  Yes i will go to see them when im over, but……….. its not the same as living next door. :-(

Gran Canaria Weather 28.9.2011

Warm and sunny here in the mountains with 28°, blue sky, sunshine and some light wind.



Gran Canaria Weather 23.9.2011

After it had rained all night we now have a humid grey day with temperatures up to 25.7°


Gran Canaria Weather 21.9.2011

Another lovely day here in the mountains.  A little hazy with 25° and some light wind.  Ideal for walking here.


Gran Canaria Weather 19.9.2011

Another grey damp day here in the mountains but the temperature is still 23° and it is lovely for walking.



Gran Canaria Weather 16.9.2011

Once again a very lovely day here in the mountains with sunshine, some clouds and wind with 25° in the shade. Lovely for taking a walk in the park. ;-)


Gran Canaria Weather 15.9.2011

Another lovely sunny day here in the mountains today with sunshine, some clouds and wind with 25°.


Gran Canaria Weather 13.9.2011

Today the clouds are pretty persistant.  It is slightly windy but warm, and if we are lucky we might get some sunshine later on.  The temperature lies by 25.5°


Gran Canaria Weather 11.9.2011

Here int he mountains we have very pleasant weather with some sunshine, blue sky and wind, but now and then some clouds.  Ideal for the people who are still walking up to Teror to pay their respect and offer their gifts to the Virgin del Pino.


Gran Canaria Weather 9.9.2011

Very warm and humid here in the mountains today with some clouds.  Slowly it is cooling down a little which is what we need right now.